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The perfect ceremony for you for the best day of your life

About Evan
Wedding Celebrations

I am a vested wedding officiant and have been uniting couples since 2008. From providing premarital counseling to officiating all types of celebratory events, I will work with you to design your ceremony based on your tastes and beliefs.

When officiating wedding ceremonies, I strive to inspire you to express your commitment to the exploration of life and love together. I bring warmth and spirit to every ceremony I perform.

Using each day and each experience in a relationship to deepen your ability to open your hearts is what a committed relationship is all about. We can create a unique ceremony based on Buddhist beliefs or explore other words and symbols that reflect your own beliefs, values, and relationship.

When we look back at important moments in our lives that have been marked by rituals, the ceremony should inspire us to open our hearts further, in this moment, to the wonderful experiences that life brings us.

In all cases, I am happy to work with you to design the ceremony that is right for who you are as a couple and what you believe.

I am fortunate to be vested by the Spirit Rock Meditation Center as a Buddhist Ritual Minister. I perform weddings, memorials, blessings and other ceremonies (Buddhist or otherwise) to help you mark important milestones in your life.

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